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• Introduction • Organisation • Resources (Water & Soli) • Plant Protection http://www.nehadagronomy.com
Nehad Agronomy Services(NAS) is an agricultural division of Anmar Group and established in 1979 by HE Sayyid Al Mutasim bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, with a total production area of 20 acres and cultivated mainly tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables. In addition, it also produced mangoes, Omani lime, citrus and established a unique collection of the best known varieties of date palms from all over Oman.

Over the years, NAS has expanded and developed the range of crops under cultivation, increased the area of land under production, and become a dominant local company in the field of agriculture. At present NAS has 1239 acres. Our name is widely known locally and in the neighboring GCC countries and we have a reputation for cultivating the best tomatoes, sweet melon, and watermelon. Until recently these were our major crops together with date palms, citrus, and mangoes. We have 2500 date palms and to increase this number the highest quality offshoots have been planted in the past 2 years. New specialized date packing units were recently set up to start introducing our dates to the market this season.

Recently, NAS has developed a new strategy to broaden the range of its production to enter the export market. We have started by introducing new crops, implementing high control by using environmentally safe and organically based chemicals, mechanization and professionally trained staff. This has enabled us to gain a greater share of the market as well move into export to international markets. The new crops we have introduced are beans, green and coloured sweet bell pepper, cherry tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, squash, and lettuce. In addition feasibility studies are being carried out for the introduction of additional new crops.
  • NAS owns 8 farms located in the Batinah region. These range from 700 acres at the main, Al Raja farm to a 15 acre specialist unit at Nehad farm.
  • Al Raja farm contains the main office complex together with the Garage, Stores, Nursery, Packing. units, and the staff and labor accommodation.
  • The office complex includes the Production, Administration, Sales, Purchase and Accounts departments.
  • The garage is well equipped to maintain the fleet of cars, trucks and tractors and other mechanical equipment.
  • The stores are well organized and a new computerized system has been introduced.
  • There are two nurseries, one in Al Raja farm and the other at Al Bushra farm. The nurseries are well established and contain a number of seedbeds with special watering systems. The soil is renewed every season.
  • Packing units are under renovation in order to provide our local and international customers with their required quality and packing.
  • Accommodation is provided for our staff and laborers including communal dining facilities and a canteen.
The soil fertility on our land is good with slight variations according to the location. Routine tests are carried out using the services available from the soil and water laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Initial tests are carried out annually at the beginning of every season to give us the correct method for the application of fertilizer.

Due to the arid conditions of the region, modem irrigation systems are used to conserve the water and use it efficiently. Currently this is drip irrigation but a new mechanized irrigation method is under study.

Water quality tests are done at the Ministry laboratories to confirm our own results from our on site testing using devices such as the EC meter and the Neutron Probe. Fortunately, our water quality is exceptional compared with other regions of Oman. There are restrictions in digging boreholes and special authority must be obtained from the Ministry of Water Resources. NAS has 23 boreholes authorised for the main farm Al Raja and we also have our own equipment and trained personnel to drill them.
The safety of our products is our main consideration. The use of Pesticides and fungicides is therefore very strictly controlled. Authority must be obtained from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to ensure compliance with safety regulations relating to the environment. This includes all life forms, air, soil and water. Chemicals are limited to a level of LD 50 values. These regulations apply to all farmers and agricultural trading and production companies. All imported or locally obtained chemicals are legally verified for their safety.

NAS consumer protection programmes include the following
  1. The chemicals used must be safe, compatible and where possible organic
  2. Ensuring long intervals between applications and strictly no application near and during harvesting.
  3. Frequent rotation and change of chemicals to keep up with the new scientific developments and prevent the dangerous consequences of resistance development of pests and pathogens.
  4. Safety during handling and application of the chemicals.
  5. Efficient use and scientific application
In addition to these regulations, tests on the residual content of our final products are carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Toxicology laboratories.